Thursday, April 30, 2009

I wanna be a Cowgirl....

Wed. 4/29

L-"Mommy...I need some jeans to wear!"
K-"Why do you need to wear jeans, it's hot outside?"
L-" So I can wear my Daddy..I know how to loop it!"
K-"Here you go!"
(the first pair I gave her wasn't right...tossed to the side....after the right jeans and a few minutes of frustration trying to "loop-it" like Daddy does...she gave in, even though she's "big"..and let me help!")
L- "Mommy, now we need to find Daddy's cowboy hat so I can be a real cowgirl!"
(Daddy's "cowboy hat" being a Panama Jack-ish hat he got when we went to Hawaii)
K-"Okay, let's go find it!"
L-" What do you think Mommy, do I look like a cowgirl?"
K-"The cutest cowgirl I"ve ever seen!"
And that my friends is how you make a cowgirl....complete with a Dora necklace..and perfect "ending pose"

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Anonymous said...

YeeHah!! What a cutie!