Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009!

WOW....thank you Easter Bunny!! L came running downstairs..screaming when she saw her basket..
The EB brought L sssooo much it wouldn't all fit in her basket...chocolate, gum, pez, bubbles, puzzles,chalk, and so many other trinkets...a little blue chick that she quickly named "Peep", 3 new Max & Ruby DVD's, a new Leapster game, and a pair of tickets to Disney on Ice..WOW!! Merry Easter!!

L was checking out her new Max & Ruby DVD's

After church we had reservations for brunch at South Shore...

The EB came to our table sseeevvveerraalll times to see L!

After brunch we all came home and napped...we forgot to check before we left for church...since it was raining...but, apparently the EB hid the eggs we had dyed.....

scoping out the backyard...looking for eggs

L- "there's one..on that loud box!"

silly EB..hid one in L's "garden"

WOW..she found them all!

WHAT?! Mangie bought L 12 more rolls of scotch tape...thanks know how she loves tape!!!

* We enjoyed our Easter weekend....but whew, good thing it only comes around once a year...we were pooped after all of the festivities! Stay tuned for Disney on Ice pictures.....

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Cullum Family said...

OH MY....look at all that tape! :)