Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Fashionista!!

Those of you who know me, know that this is vvveeerrryyy out of the ordinary....L usually matches from bow to toe...and her outfit is neatly ironed.BUT, this was one of those days...that I didn't fight it.....I had a migraine...took medicine, napped...felt a bit better...about 70%., but we HAD to run a few quick, I told her to get ready so we could go to a few stores...
Her ensemble consisted of :
1. Tight spiderman pajama top..(that she slept in the night before)
2. Size 24 mths. skirt (too small..and wrinkled)
3. Turquoise headband ( which made me want to sing "Let's get physical"..and run in place...Olivia Newton-John flashback)
4. "High-Heels"-her brown sandals that were bought to go with her fiesta dress(don't mind the fact that they are too small...and her toes were dragging over the ends)
5. AND...unbrushed hair, unbrushed teeth..and, no bow!
YES, we got a few looks...mostly grins....she ditched the headband after awhile....said it "made her hot and sweaty"......BUT, errands were was nice to get out of the house...and I wouldn't trade my little pajama top wearing, toes dragging ground, headband wearing girl for the world.:)


Anonymous said...

Nice. I love it!!!

Cullum Family said...

love it...and i am with ya...bow to toe!