Sunday, April 19, 2009

Disney on Ice!

APRIL 17 (Friday)

L was so excited to go see "Disney-Ice". The Easter Bunny brought her a pair of tickets...knowing that her Daddy would have to work it was a mommy/daughter date. We had VIP Dining Seats...which included your choice of chicken strips/fries or a personal pizza...and a drink....and a 2nd drink at intermission.......Since the show started at 10:30, we asked if we could have our intermission drinks first...and our lunch at intermission.....We ended up having our own table...which was nice...L LOVED the show!! I loved watching the joy on her face! LOVE that girl!!! I can remember going to see "Sesame Street on Ice" and "The Smurfs on Ice" as a child...I know this was the first of many "on Ice" shows she will see.:)
(and once again, these pictures are backwards...but it is too late, and I am too tired to redo them...I bet you'll get the idea.;0 )

"posing" with Flounder...L wore this dress when we went to WDW in was amazing to put her in it again...she has gotten much taller....the dress was ssshhoorrrt..but hey, we had to get one more wear out of it.:) Anyone going to Animal Kingdom anytime soon..need a 3T dress?
The show was 2 hours long...then we stopped by the Galleria for a few hours afterwards....she was such a trooper....she fell asleep on the way about 3:45.......and yes, Flounder went shopping with us too!

The Grand Finale-
The Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan....L liked all of the "acts"...but Lilo and Stitch was her least favorite

Captain Hook and his pirate ship

Clapping with Peter help save Tinkerbell..."clap if you believe in make-believe"...

Captain Hook

You can can can fly!!!


Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy were also part of the show

YES...we bought a $10 watered down snow-cone
L-"Mommy, this isn't really tasty!"

enjoying her cheese pizza at intermission

L wanted to pick her souvenir when we first got there, out of all of the toys, trinkets and light up gadgets...she chose the little "baby Flounder"
She almost chose the "vinoculars"...but they had Ursula's scary eels on she quickly put those down!

L-"Mommy, those fish and starfish are really people in costumes....but the other ones are real!"

Ariel a.k.a. The Little Mermaid


L was mesmerized...

..and amused!

Simba and Nala

ready for the show to start

We were the 4th row of tables back from the rink...right in the center..the Easter Bunny gave L a great set of seats!

L- "Awww, look at this baby is so cute!"

we had our own table...and the entire table to the right of us was empty...and the people to the left of us showed up right before intermission....very nice!

Our tickets to "Disney-Ice"
Not sure why, but L insisted it was Disney-Ice...not Disney on Ice...could it be that she's 4?!

We had a great time...thank you Easter Bunny!!

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