Monday, April 27, 2009


L was so excited today when a commercial came on today.....
L-"See Mommy, that's what snack I want at my house...that's what I've been talking about....look...Dumpkin-Huns!!!"""
(and licking her lips after she says it)
She has asked for Dumpkin-Huns before....but I told her I wasn't sure what she was talking about...she told me it was on tv...I told her to point it out to me next time she saw the,today was our lucky day!!!
Here you have it
DUMPKIN-HUNS Brownies....Yummy!!
So, tomorrow while she is at MDO...I will be stopping by Target..and picking up some brownies for us to make when she gets home!
My girl is a chocolate lover!!

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Anonymous said...

She comes by it naturally. Dumpkin-huns looks pretty good to me!