Thursday, April 16, 2009

Egg Hunt + Birthday Party= Pooped!!!

Sun. 4/5
The first official egg hunt of the season....and L was ready to go!
We had a few "training drills" to get ready...I tossed a bunch of plastic eggs in the hallway upstairs...and had her run to collect them.
"GRAB AND GO...grab every color,don't be picky, toss it in your basket, don't open can do that later! GO GO GO!!"
We did this several times...L would gather the eggs...while I was drying my hair...she would bring her bucket to me so I could see how many she had...and so I would know how fast she collected all of her eggs too...then I"d throw them out again...
only one training mishap, she was so excited when she found a princess egg..that she came to show it to me....and left the other eggs...aaahhh...eeekks...sorry...maybe I'm think?!
I really do have a good reason..some of the eggs at the real hunt were prize eggs..they contained slips of paper....bikes, scooters, etc...good, training was necessary.:)

this was not even an option last year...but look at her brave!
NICE...this is what you get when you ask a 3 and 4 year old to look at you and smile...when one is just as crazy as the other...monkey see..monkey do!

"A, let's pose like this!"
(L is all about the pose and ending pose)
L was in the 4-5 age group...the kids were divided by age, and each group had a designated baseball were led to the field right at 1:00 p.m....we arrived at about 12:20...and stood in line until it was "go time!" This was the calm before the storm...

GO! GO! GO!!

L was very proud of her eggs...and her candy...I opened them all up looking for a prize slip of paper..:( you would have thought I was a crack addict looking for crack the way I tore through them...I think M even said, "Easy Killer!"...L didn't know about the paper she wasn't sad...but me, well..maybe a little....just means more training next year! LOL

A.M. and L.V.= friends forever!

**** After the egg hunt, I had a family bridal shower to attend...
that started at 2:00 in Friendswood...
L had a birthday party to attend .....
that started at 2:00 in Rosharon

so, off we went...what a good Daddy to take L to the party! ( this is the 2nd one he has had to take her to...he loves that it is usually my job!)

it was actually rreeeaaallly apparently this was the one and only time L got in the water!

L always talks about wanting a tire I know she was excited to get to swing on one at the birthday party!

playing "ice cream shop"

look at my sweet girl watching the presents being opened.....we have been to sssooo many birthday parties..and I always remind her to sit and watch....don't crowd the birthday child...maybe I"m a little OCD..since I did have her sit inside a hula hoop while she opened presents at her party...but hey,the birthday child needs room to rip through their gifts..without being crowded! and I know the hula hoop will be back next year..:) and you know you so wish you would have thought of that too..huh!?.:)

This is what happens after you hunt eggs, go to a birthday party, and have a 45 minute car ride each are pooped!
L was out like a light within a few minutes of getting on the couch....we let her sleep a few minutes..but wanted her to eat before she was past the point of no return....

sweet girl

apparently..she was already past the point of no return!

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