Thursday, April 16, 2009

'Twas the night before Easter..and all through the house..

Sat. 4/11
we were coloring eggs, baking cupcakes, and getting treats ready for the Easter Bunny...

L LOVED dying eggs this year
(that is the drop cloth I use when I paint boards...just in case you are wondering)

when we went to buy eggs..L insisted we buy "2 boxes" to to use for cupcakes....I wasn't thinking when I started boiling them all....and added both cartons..oops...she was watching me..and said "MOMMY...3 eggs were for our cupcakes!"....back to the store!!

L has been asking to bake cupcakes for a few, we did...

did I mention it was the box we bought at Christmas that we never made...but hey, green is a spring color too! :)

Leaving treats for the EB...L originally counted 6 out..but decided she wanted to eat 3...and the EB could have 3!

We searched for carrot juice...but figured the EB would like V-8 just as much.:)

Everything is ready...time for sleep!
L-"Mommy, does the Easter Bunny come down the chimney like Santa does?"
K-" I think he does!"
L- "The Easter Bunny is a she!! Well, what if you don't have a fireplace?"
K-"The Easter Bunny has a magic key that opens all front doors!"
L-"Can I sleep with you, I don't want her coming in my house!"
K- "The Easter Bunny also has special glasses that she tell if kids are in their own beds or not...if your bed is empty...she will skip our house..she comes in so fast..and then leaves!"
L stayed in her room...but was tapping on my shoulder at about 2:00 a.m....she said she was scared the bunny was going to come much does bunny therapy run these days?

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Cullum Family said...

CUTE....great idea to leave veggies! Veggies for candy...hmmmm...sounds like a good trade off to me!