Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party Planner in training...

March 13,2009
(just a little behind)
**Party Time**
L decided she wanted to have a party in her room....I was the only adult...person for that matter...but there were plenty of stuffed animals that were in attendance! L had me wait until the party was "ready"...she went downstairs to get the snacks she would serve...and also prepared the goody bags for each guest...her stuffed animals were all positioned around her room...she probably worked on the party preparations for at least an hour....and I was not allowed in her room until it was time.....she must get this OCD party planning from her!!
She said she was the birthday she got to wear a crown
snacks...strawberry marshmallows, goldfish and princess graham crackers.....
she also had us play "Musical Marshmallows"...she made a circle of marshmallows....turned on her cd player...and said "when it have to eat a marshmallow"...but, she was the only one who was allowed to was the funniest thing..and pretty creative!

Goody Bag for Mommy....she wrote it herself..and pointed it out to me to let me know it was mine!

Goody Bag for her "sister"..Lillian...Lillian was one of the children who also had a February birthday...and had her picture in Space City Parent Magazine...L cut her little quarter sized picture out, and has it taped it her room...that is her sister!

not sure about this guest

L-" can have your goody bag when you leave..after you tell me thank you for inviting me!"

***What a great party ...great company, great food, great games, and great goody bags....a girl after my own heart.:)

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