Friday, June 12, 2009

L's 1st Dance Recital

L's "Informal Demonstration"...a.k.a.- Dance Recital was on Wed. 6/10....
the dress rehearsal took place on Mon. 6/8.
Photographs and Video were only allowed at the dress rehearsal....
so, pictures of her on stage are at the rehearsal...
Her group consisted of 3 girls...
we were very lucky...
the girls received a lot of extra attention.
L loved her teachers, Mrs. Natalie and Miss Shelby..LOVED!!!
looks like the roses were a bit heavy to carry
L was so proud of her roses...We ordered them ahead of time, and picked them up before the show...but presented them to L when she was finished...the money from the flowers is added to a scholarship fund that sends 8 teenage students to NYC each study for 4 weeks ...
Miss Shelby and L...we enjoyed watching them both dance at the recital..

Around 8:45 p.m.....she had to be there at 5:00..and the show started at 6:00...tired girl!!!
Each class had 2 hostess moms that were in charge of the girls the entire show...there was a police officer who stood guard at the door....Parents were not allowed in the "holding area"...I dropped L off at the door at big girl...Nana and Ms. Debby took good care of her.:)

Before the recital...check out all of the make-up ..eeks

this was after the dress around 9:00 p.m.....we were finally able to have dinner....this t-shirt was also a scholarship fundraiser
so sweet!!!!
My tiny ballerina

getting ready to start

L's tap routine was to "Calendar Girl" was the cutest thing ever!!! I"m not sure if it was the fact that her class was the smallest in number....or the smallest in size...but at the recital, they truly got the most applause on both of their dances....they were all so cute!!!

* Each year RAFA year is an Informal Demonstration..
then the following year, the students put on a Formal Demonstration..
the students didn't have "costumes" this year...we had to purchase their skirt and headpiece....we purchased matching leotards for our class...something new and special..
next year, the Formal Demonstration will be
"The Wizard of Oz"


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Cuteness, she is just adorable. It looks like she is having a ball!

Cullum Family said...

love it...Em is going to do dance for the first time in the fall...i can't wait to see her on stage...cute cute cute cute...