Saturday, June 20, 2009

VBS Family Night

Thurs. 6/18
L had a fun and busy week at VBS.
She went everyday(except Wed.) from 9-12.
She was very excited to go...but even more excited to find out her friend, Tay*lor was going to be there. L and T, and a few others, were moved from the 4 yr. old class to the Pre-K L thought she was big.:)
On Thursday evening, families were invited to come see all the children had been working on in class...and to hear all of the songs they had learned. On Friday, L came home with a brown grocery bag FULL of awesome projects and crafts she had been working on...AND a CD of all the songs they had learned......and yes, I know the songs now...that's all we listen to in the car...and we bring the cd in to listen to it...then back to the get the idea.:)
What a great program...what a great many children impacted in such a short amount of time!!

After the open house and singing....families were invited to the gym for the kids to play..and for ice cream....ginger ale and orange had a cute Australian name to go with the theme..but can't remember ..
the theme was "Boomerang Express"

all aboard the boomerang express-
after VBS on Tues, we went to chick-fil-a....L and T wanted to ride they rode with J*essica (T's mom)...L was telling her how they had learned the "Panda Express" song too funny!!

Friends Forever!

so cute...singing and doing the motions

front and center

Tay*lor and Lau*ren showing off their work;)

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