Thursday, June 4, 2009

SHoPpInG sPrEe...

L was a girl on a mission.
she knew what she wanted..
and what she didn't want....
she would take her stash and sit it beside M..
.M found a bench that was nice and cozy...

here is her bag-o-loot....we were waiting on the stroller.:)
they even gave Sissy a tiny bag to carry..
L told me she would carry it..
.and I could carry her big bag since it was way too heavy!
(but Daddy's wallet was a whole lot lighter after that transaction...eeks)

making sure she had everything

"WOW Daddy..that's a lot!"

Potty Seat-check
ballerina outfit-check
wedding outfit-check
stick on earrings for Sissy-check
matching pj's for L and Sissy-check
shocking Daddy when we checked out-check
L said she didn't need this outfit now..
but when it was "seasons"..
I think she meant fall..
or when it was cooler...

if the shoe fits...

L had a hay day shopping for Sissy....
and when we were leaving...she said she needed a "hair-doll"....
I see more trips in the future..
but I would love to take her to the NYC location..
.there is a show there as well.... that's a GREAT idea....Daddy thought so too.!!!


Anonymous said...

What fun!!!!!

Cullum Family said...

i can't wait to take Em...yeah i know we live down the road but we have been waiting...birthday is coming up though!