Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's with the hat?!

L has been wearing this hat for the past 2 days..I think it belongs to one of her baby dolls..but all her dolls are I don't know what is what anymore....
(Wed. 6/24 & Thurs. 6/25)
check out the ensemble..
she loves the "layered" look..
seriously, she always layers...
she also has on a pair of brown leggings.:)
and no, I didn't take her out in public.:)
wishing it would cool down....

This was L the "baby"...she had the hat, pacifier, and pull-up on..
she was crawling all around the kitchen "crying"
NO..she doesn't take a pacifier..or wear a pull-up
(we do have an emergency stash that she has had to revert back to a few times at night lately..ggrrr)

aaww....little baby!!

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Cullum Family said...

get that girl out of the house...LOL...Em seems to love the layered look lately and her pink fuzzy hello kitty hat is the bomb...