Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Surprise...American Girl Boutique and Bistro

Fri. 5/29
Mangie gave L her Bitty Baby a few years back for Christmas. Grand-mere and GiGi hooked her up with the crib/bedding and high chair....L has been lugging around "BeBe" for quite a while....a hand me down scroungy doll that she LOVES....but has been obsessed with her Bitty Baby- "Sissy-Lou Dora" for the past several months a matter of fact....BeBe has been pushed to the side lately....Sissy goes everywhere with us...everywhere!!!! SO...I knew there was an American Girl store in Dallas....and since we were headed that way for a wedding....we went a day ahead of time to experience the store....OMG...every little girls dream come true. L didn't know where we were going...just that it was a surprise for didn't hit her when we walked in...or even when Sissy was getting her hair done....but I do believe she heard angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus when she saw the Bitty Baby section.......

L choosing the ribbon colors for Sissy

About to enter a dream world.:)

had no idea....

Sissy in the waiting area...waiting her turn for her pampering

SO many hairstyles to choose from...
..Sissy doesn't have real she was cleaned up.:)

Yes...that's a real person putting Sissy's cape on...I think she has been around since the first American Girl was introduced...YIKES...after hocking up a lung a few times...she finally excused herself...and came back....poor Sissy Lou was probably traumatized!

trying her best to get off all of the paint and scratches

almost finished

L had to sign her name to pick Sissy was pretty cute..and she was oh so proud!!

Sissy-Lou Dora is a new girl..
It was amazing how dirty she actually was
L making sure not to take an eye off Sissy

powdered up..and ready to be cleaned


* I know..the pictures are out of order...just when I think I master uploading the pictures...well...I"m wrong.:)

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