Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Snuffer's and Uncle James

(sorry..out of order)
After MDO, and picking up my car....we headed to Dallas....I was excited to drive through Huntsville to see SHSU...and wanted a t-shirt oh so bad...but, the bookstores were closed,:( L slept through my whole trip down memory lane...but I know M had enough enthusiasm for them both(not) ...hearing about the good old college spots and days! Jolly Fox..those were the days.:)
M called his brother on our way to Dallas to see if he would like to meet up for one of M's old college hangouts...Snuffer's....he had been talking about the cheese fries for days....but of course, they weren't as good as he had remembered when he was at SMU..isn't that always the case!? BUT..despite the cheese fries disappointment...we had a great time visiting and catching up with Uncle James.:)

L was SO excited to go to the hotel...little did she know what we had in store for her the following day.:)

L*auren and Uncle James....
M is 6 of 9...James is 7 of 9
Did someone say Cheese Fries?!

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Anonymous said...

We ate at a Snuffer's when we were there during Ike... my Uncle David's brother owns one. -fyi