Friday, June 5, 2009

L's 1st Spa-Pedicure

My toenails were pretty I was looking for a nail salon at the mall...we found one...and had a mommy/daughter pedicure...we tried for a family pedicure..but Daddy wasn't interested...
L has had several "pedicures"..
but they have always been just a polish change...she hasn't been able to dangle her feet in the water...but was close they let her.:)
this time she got to sit right beside me in the fancy spa chair...aaahhh

love me some red toes!..
I tried to get L to pose with me..
but she was too busy playing in the window
oh..and she had a manicure too!

love me some little red toes...
she wanted to have the same color as me...
but chose pink for her nails..
and scraped a lot of it off before we made it back to the room!

Can you tell she was a bit relaxed during the leg massage?! feet can reach!!!

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