Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lunch time at the A.G. Bistro

We got to the store around 11:00..and our lunch reservation was at noon...L was begging to shop...but we told her we only had time to get Sissy cleaned up....then we would have lunch...then did...

so sweet and girly...this was one of the overhead lights

loved the decor

yummy...we all had something different...and everything was great

Sissy even had her own special "Treat Seat" she could enjoy visiting with us during lunch.:)

UH-OH...this looks like a pretty serious talk to me!

Can you tell M had a good time as well?! What a good Daddy!!!

enjoying some of the veggies on her appetizer tray....
she ate the celery...
but said the others were
3 Generations.:)

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